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Blog Articles

One of the more frustrating things about growing older is that minor falls and knocks are no longer as easy to brush... More
As some of you will know, in 2015 we celebrated 40 years since we added stairlifts to our product set. To mark... More
What’s in a name?
Last year we conducted a survey with Stannah Talk readers when we asked our brilliant customers just why they loved their stairlifts.... More
If you are like us, you spent the end of last year entranced by the Argentine tango, jive and paso doble of... More
Exercise is an incredibly important part of our lives. It’s enjoyable, it’s sociable and it keeps our bodies healthy. But, unfortunately, as... More
Honesty outscores looks in ensuring a successful long term relationship, according to Britain’s over 65s, a YouGov survey has revealed. The nationwide survey... More