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Honesty outscores looks in ensuring a successful long term relationship, according to Britain’s over 65s, a YouGov survey has revealed. The nationwide survey... More
Have you ever wondered how they make all those TV adverts we see so often? Take a sneak peek of our new ad,... More
A party for 700 took place at the Andover head office of Stannah. The get-together was to say thank-you to every one... More
As part of our recent Stannah Silver Census Survey, we asked a group of Britain’s over 65s “If you had to choose,... More
In the lead up to the 2015 Election, there have been countless articles written regarding the policy offerings from each political party.... More
Scottish pensioners live far healthier lifestyles than their peers in other UK cities, a surprising new study has found. 79% of elderly Scots... More