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While Joseph Stannah was undoubtedly an astute businessman who knew how to market and sell his products, he was first and foremost an engineer. Back in 1867 when he founded the business he put quality engineering at the heart of the company, which is where it remains to this day.

While stairlifts weren’t around in Joseph’s time his passion for engineering still inspires our stairlift engineers today to make the best stairlifts they can, putting safety and reliability before all other considerations.

Based here in Andover, our engineering team go in to meticulous detail to ensure every aspect of our stairlifts is scrutinised, perfected and adheres to regulations from around the world. We take our commitment to manufacturing standards very seriously and have worked with standards agencies to help develop many of today’s guidelines.

Our testing regime is second to none and every design, every major component is tested for 25,000 return journeys, the equivalent of 10 years use. What’s more, even once a design is put into production we test throughout the manufacturing process with every individual unit tested to capacity before it can leave the factory. Our curved rails, made to drawings specific to each staircase, are tested for ride quality before being authorised for shipment.

In the 40 years since we launched our stairlifts they have come a long way in terms of looks. While we are engineers at heart we know that today’s discerning customers want something that looks stylish as well as operates reliably. Our latest designs can blend in to a home seamlessly, becoming just part of the furniture.

We constantly look for ways across the business to minimise our impact on the environment and make best use of precious resources. From our re-use programme for stairlifts, to recycling paint powder, replacing polystyrene packaging with cardboard and reducing waste in our offices, we are continually looking for ways to make our business as environmentally friendly as possible.

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‘Acquire the habit of doing everything well’ – one of Joseph Stannah’s rules of life, just as important in our business today as it was when our founder wrote it back in the 1800s.