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Straight or curved stairlifts

At Stannah we offer both straight and curved stairlift solutions tailored to suit you and your home. One of our consultants will come and visit you to give your staircase a comprehensive survey and assess whether a straight or curved rail product would be most suitable.

Our rails are attached to the stair tread, not the wall, and can be fitted to either side of the staircase (depending on the results of the survey).

Straight stairlifts

The straight rail is the most common type required in people’s homes and can be installed in just a couple of hours. Straight staircases are those with no turn, landing or bend in them. The straight rails are made of aluminium and are available in either silver or bronze finish. All our straight product designs cover 143 miles in testing to ensure Stannah quality and reliability.

Curved stairlifts

A curved staircase can encompass a variation of designs, from spiral to fanned or half or quarter landings. Due to the individual nature of curved staircases our rails are custom made for each home.

A curved stairlift can be used to reach more than one floor. The longest curved rail that’s been manufactured most recently by Stannah was almost 50 metres long and travelled 11 flights of stairs. Our curved product designs travel 222 miles during life testing, the equivalent of London to Brussels.

Straight or Curved FAQs

Can a stairlift be fitted to any staircase?

Stairlifts can usually be fitted to most types of staircases, even ones that may first appear too narrow. At Stannah, we offer a wide range of stairlifts for both straight and curved staircases. We’re confident that our range of stairlift solutions includes an option that will suit both you and your home.

If you’re not sure whether a stairlift can be installed in your home, just give us a call. Our advisors offer a free, no-obligation home assessment and will survey your staircase to advise you which options would work best.

Can stairlifts go around corners?

Curved stairs refer to staircases that have bends or corners. A Stannah stairlift for curved stairs runs along a custom-made rail that curves easily around the corners or bends of your staircase.

Curved rails should ideally be custom-made to fit your staircase to ensure that they hug each curve and bend closely and neatly. The close fit that can only be achieved with a made-to-order rail will maximise the space left on your stairs to ensure plenty of room on your landing and stairs for others to use them as normal.