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Customer Letters

Mr B

Dear Mr Stannah,

My Stannah stairlift was installed this morning and would like you to know how satisfied I am with the way work has been carried out.

I found that all involved in the installation were both friendly and helpful, the electrical work turned out to be more complicated than was expected but the electrician was able to come up with an excellent solution with no visible wire or plugs.

The carpenter you sent last week was a real craftsman; he arrived at 9am and worked right through to 8pm in the evening to finish the hand rail to the stairs. He has done a brilliant job and the hall and stairs were as clean when he left as when he arrived.

The two technicians who fitted the stairlift were good and helpful, and made sure I absolutely understood the workings of the lift before they left.

A really first class job all round and I thank all those involved. I would be very happy to recommend Stannah to anyone.

Yours Sincerely


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