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People of all ages and abilities need to maintain their balance. Having good balance improves posture and movement – you can walk tall, freely and confidently.

What is it?

Balance is a free to download app. Through a series of regular short exercises, taking just a few minutes, it aims to improve your balance in general. Users are guided through each exercise and can progress through three levels.

Benefits of keeping your balance healthy

Done regularly you can improve your balance and balance confidence which ultimately can reduce the risk of falling.

How the app works

When we are children, balancing is something we practise regularly, riding bikes, playing hopscotch, climbing and skipping but as we grow older, we do these things less.

You may feel that your balance is not as good as it once was, or perhaps you feel it never was great. The good news is that it is never too late to improve it. By simply placing your phone in your pocket while you complete these short, gentle balance-training exercises, the Stannah Balance app can measure your balance.

Done regularly you will benefit from improved bone density, greater muscle strength and better posture. We hope that you will also feel less ‘wobbly’, more confident about your balance and that this will reduce your risk of falling.

Click the button below to download the app now and get started on improving your balance!

  • "As we age our risk of tripping and falling increases, this is often due to poor balance. Stannah have worked with industry experts and older people to create the Balance app. Using structured exercises that target and improve core stability, this excellent new product can be utilised as part of a prevention programme of therapeutic intervention, reducing risk and maintaining clients independence"
    Kate Sheehan, founder of The OT Service
  • I love my Stannah stairlift because it saves a lot of puffing and grunting. Its opened up the whole house to my wife.
    Mr B, East Sussex

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